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Trans-Atlantic Market Entry Services

In addition to our unique and long-standing expertise with European companies entering the US market, you will find our passion for new trends, technologies and innovations motivating and supporting in your decision.

How We Work

We will provide you with an initial “thumbs up” for your ideas, give you an estimation of the costs of entry and different operational scenarios — a process we have deemed the “echo-chamber.” Should we find that now is not the perfect time for your venture, we will not hesitate to press pause and save your resources for a better moment or another opportunity.

If the time is right and the vision is ready, so are we. TEC will support you in reaching your US expansion goals.

Our Services include


Business Meeting

New market region? New product in need of proper market positioning? Planning an acquisition? It all requires a well-prepared strategy and the right timing -- perhaps the most overlooked but crucial component in successfully transitioning to the US market. We offer planning a sound strategy with you and also ensure it leads to the level of success you defined on day 1.


Legal Research and Writing

A major challenge for European companies entering the US market is staying focused on their own core tasks. We help you by taking care of all necessary operational requirements to keep your company growing, including partial to full business operations, talent acquisition, and more. Instead of giving up your market presence to a re-seller or US trading partner, you can have full control of the US market.


Data on a Touch Pad

Based on your vision, the dynamics of your team, and the resonance of your potential buyers, we are with you every step of the way. Our experienced and knowledgeable research team ensures that you receive the most valuable input and access to the best product champions, top influencers, early adopters, focus groups, online marketing service providers, special-themed network groups, and ultimately, product buyers.



We make the strategic process easy for you by helping define your strategy from a quantitative but also a qualitative perspective.

A solid business strategy goes hand-in-hand with your marketing strategy. This is crucial for communicating your motivation and expectations to partners and employees. 

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