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For over 16 years, The Executive Consulting has helped clients conquer the American market. As an established boutique consultancy firm with an Austrian/German background, our expertise is trusted by European companies seeking to enter and expand their presence in the US market. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), The Executive Consulting provides the right amount of guidance and custom-tailored support for our clients' vision. The future is bright: let us help you create your US success story.

Your Vision and Our Expertise create Your Success.

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Andreas Boedenauer
Barbara Boedenauer

Strategic Positioning and Business Development

Highly experienced and trusted adviser for company leaders. He strategizes expansion plans together with clients and supports business executives in creating profitable transnational businesses in the North American market. Company leaders receive executive-level support from the first idea until the finalization of their start-up phase.


Project Management and Operation​s

Accomplished operations administrator for new business expansions in the US. Supports clients from the first call to the final steps of their business launch in the US. Her range of support includes control of compliance and optimization of all administrative requirements, including incorporation, banking, HR, and immigration. Over two decades of experience in the field allow her to find the best and swiftest solutions for clients. 


Holger Zerfass
Gaby Beyer
Human Resources Executive, CPC

Research and Market Entry Execution

Senior Business Development professional with vast experience in working with organizations across multiple industries. His

shrewd understanding of how relevant markets function, coupled with a skillful ability to identify points of leverage, allows clients to pursue growth opportunities in existing and untapped markets. His expertise helps optimize efficiency and facilitates finding ideal partners and vendors, thereby helping clients to focus on their vision and products. Creating the optimal organizational network through his high-level research allows clients a seamless execution of their US success strategy.


International Relocation Support and Talent Management

Highly experienced international relocation and HR professional focused on ensuring our clients have the right level of support when relocating international experts to the US and building up the local teams. Gaby is a Culture Champion who helps our clients thrive through true cross-cultural collaboration. She is an expert in recruiting, onboarding, and retention and is highly experienced in all matters related to compensation and benefits.


Johanna Boedenauer
Communication Consultant
(BSc Hons.)
Viraj Patel

International Business Investment & Strategic Communications Manager 

Working in the family business has equipped her with a unique skillset in international communication and business.

Her time at University reaffirmed her interest in the field, where she excelled in corporate and persuasive communication, as well as communication consultancy. An innate ability to understand and connect with others, coupled with a BSc in Communication Science, uniquely positions her to manage situations from both qualitative and quantitative viewpoints. 

She supports TEC in strategic communication and business development processes (e.g. lead generation, marketing, and client communication).


Business Accounting and Tax Service Specialist

Experienced US Tax and Accounting Expert for entities with European and other International Parent Companies.

Advises clients during initial set-up in accounting and tax topics. In addition to providing US tax and accounting support, he also manages international consolidations for each of the entities. His services include Financial Statement Analysis, Cash Flow Management, US Tax Planning, and resolving tax controversies, as well as tax notices. 



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