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Unlike single-service providers (such as legal, finance, insurance, etc.), we consider all aspects of a US business operation and, to whatever degree our client desires, are actively involved in the execution. Our active involvement offers us a unique, trust-based client relationship, something that we highly value and are known for in the field. 

Innovative Technologies

Industrial Technologies

Engineering Services

Artificial Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence

Life Sciences

Novel Food Supplements


US Government Contracts & Licensing

Food and Drug Administration

Industry-Specific Licensing

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Consumer Markets

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Swarm AI in Logistics
Warehouse Shelves

​Our client is a leading-edge technology business among the 10 fastest growing companies in Austria in 2019. TEC was first brought on board to draw up the US Business Strategy. In the next phase, we helped our client set up their US operations, completing the Incorporation (done in close coordination with the parent company), taking on administrative tasks, recruiting highly-skilled niche staff, and guiding and supporting the continued expansion of the

US company. TEC has remained actively involved in doubling the number of employees and facilitating the realization of exceptional, but attainable business goals for each of the first three years that the US location has been in existence.

Novel Food Supplement in Regulated Market

Based on the latest medical and nutritional research, this cutting-edge food supplement company has quickly gained traction in its European core market, attracting a wide range of interest from customers and investors alike. After successfully launching their first product in Europe, our client made the strategic decision to expand into the world's most challenging food supplement market: the USA. TEC was involved in the early expansion stages (see Services: Swift Echo Chamber), and when the timing

Spa and Wellness

was right, our client tasked us with finding the perfect network of partners to support a rapid, direct-to-consumer market entry. We provided guidance for navigating the crucial regulatory requirements (i.e. FDA, Customs Authorities), and created a network of services that let the client focus on their product, message, and most importantly, customers.

High-Tech Fibres in Manufacturing and Aeronautics
Fibre Optics

Our most recent project came about during a globally tumultuous period (April 2020). The prominent client, headquartered in Austria, has been in business for over 50 years and is the world's leading manufacturer of polyolefin and fluoropolymer products. The company offers special solutions in construction and insulation, medicine and hygiene, packaging, the cable industry, and automotive and technical textiles. Their products are known in energy, data, 

and specialty cables industries, for which the renowned company produces films, labeling tapes, and laminates. TEC provides full administrative services for their business expansion in the US. We advise, assist, and support during the start-up phase, including incorporation, office logistics, and sales expansion.

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